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About Us

At SP K9 Therapy, we provide our clients with access to state-of-the-art facilities along with experienced and dedicated animal therapists, veterinary physiotherapists, hydrotherapists and a veterinary surgeon providing chiropractic treatments.
Our mission is to provide quality care in a safe environment to achieve the best results possible.

SP K9 Therapy offers tailored rehabilitation programmes for your pet to get them back on their feet. Your pet will be treated in our purpose built rehabilitation facilities by our team, who offer the latest treatments including hydrotherapy, underwater treadmill therapy, rehabilitation programmes, and a spectrum of electrotherapies.

Our team work in accordance with Veterinary Surgeons Act, meaning treatment is only undertaken following veterinary referral.


Meet the Team

SP K9 Therapy is run by canine therapist Steph Pratley, providing a variety of services for your pets. Steph and the team are strong believers in always providing a high standard of care, with tailored treatments that meet the needs of your pet. This in turn will ensure the very best rehabilitation, conditioning and therapy care.
Steph is qualified with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Therapy. 
After qualifying Steph had a desire to place herself within the industry where she could make a difference to those dogs that really needed professional, ethical and customised support in their recovery and rehabilitation programme.

Steph also runs SP Canine Services, that offers dog walking services.

Along with the other members of the SP K9 Executive Board, Wibble and Skwish, the very dedicated terriers, they are all regularly travelling around the UK at agility and flyball competitions, and with great success.

This has helped the team develop first-hand experience of how important canine athletic fitness, conditioning and rehabilitation is to the team that are dedicated to being the best they can.

Having graduated with First Class Honours in a three year veterinary physiotherapy degree, Flora also finds time to be an active member of the National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists (NAVP).

More recently Flora has also qualified as a hydrotherapist having completed her training at Greyfriars Rehabilitation Centre and is registered with NARCH.

In addition to the above, Flora is also an equine and canine veterinary physiotherapist and has a wealth of experience in both fields. During her extensive experience, Flora has worked with dogs ranging from working, competition and family pets and has a good understanding of each dog’s needs. Outside of work, her own dogs have been a favourite past time, especially with a focus on agility. She has a real passion in animal welfare and maintaining a dogs quality of life, and through her work at SP K9 Therapy can continue to help those that will benefit from her passion and knowledge.


Laura is an experienced equine vet, specialising in veterinary chiropractic for horses and dogs. Laura is accredited by, and registered with the IVCA. She is now also trained in myofascial release - a very gentle but very effective technique.

Having grown up with her own horses, both pleasure and competition, she knows how important it is to keep them happy, pain free and performing to the best of their ability.  Their love of horses is how Steph and Laura became friends and there began a life long friendship, over time this has extended to their K9 companions too.  Laura has treated Wibble and Skwish in her chiropractic role too.