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Water therapy offers complete or partial non-weight bearing exercise, supporting the patient, helping to relieve discomfort and promoting wellbeing. Our hydrotherapy pool & underwater treadmill are ideal for rehabilitation post surgery, injury & illness, plus general fitness & training.

Veterinary Physiotherapy can help recovery post-surgery, injury & illness, improve mobility relating to long-term conditions & deformity, and enhancement performance for canine athletes. These can vary from maintenance treatments keeping your pet functioning and comfortable while maintaining fitness, to the treatment of chronic conditions or injury. Working, sporting or competition dogs such as police dogs, sheep dogs, gun dogs, or those competing in flyball, agility, canicross and bikejor often benefit from regular treatment to maintain fitness, improve performance, reduce asymmetries, reduce the risk of injury and maximise performance potential.

Electrotherapies can be used separately or alongside hydrotherapy and/or veterinary physiotherapy. We are firm believers in research and peer-reviewed publication, and so will only use equipment that has a firm and extensive amount of research proving its efficacy in multiple species and in respected journals.  This not only allows for confidence in the electrotherapies we choose to use, but also allows for safe practice where the contraindications are well known and also for optimising the results achieved by combining electrotherapies with manual and exercise based rehabilitative practice.

Conditioning is a workout with the help of specific exercises for healthy dogs, to improve muscle mass and strength, general fitness level, coordination and balance – for a better physical preparation, which contributes to injury prevention during activities as well, should they be training, competing, work or just fetching balls and playing with other dogs.
Since injuries usually occurs during the (excessive) lengthening/stretching of the muscles that are not prepared for such a load, we try to prepare the body as much as possible to resist the accidents more easily and effectively. Conditioning plays a vital role in sporting dogs to ensure peak performance and stamina.

Hydrotherapy is an excellent way to shed some excess weight, whether that's swimming in the pool or walking on the underwater treadmill. Warm water helps by supporting joints & movements, while swimming provides a cardiovascular workout to improve general fitness and aid weight loss.

Introducing your puppy to water can really enhance their socialisation, give them an exciting new experience, and gain confidence in water from a young age.

We can offer your pet swimming sessions for fitness, fun & building water confidence with our expert team. Guaranteed satisfaction for those dogs that love swimming, but for example:winter time being too cold to swim in lakes/rivers, they can be sure to enjoy a swim in warm, sanitised water instead.